Consumer awareness of aluminum foil lunch boxes is higher than expected

A social practice team composed of 8 students from the School of Economics and Management of China Agricultural University took the initiative to undertake a public welfare research project related to green packaging and green consumption methods. The focus is to understand the awareness and acceptance of green and environmentally friendly aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers (including fast food boxes, packaging boxes, takeaway boxes, etc.) among residents and catering … Read more

The promotion and application of aluminum alloy cables need to be standardized

Recently, the International Wire and Cable Exhibition was held ceremoniously. Since the aluminum alloy cable has entered the new technology catalogue of the State Grid, the market is highly concerned, and exhibitors have come up with their own aluminum alloy cable display products to gain market opportunities. However, after in-depth understanding with engineers of related companies, it is found that there are still bottlenecks in the promotion and application of … Read more

In May, the global primary aluminum output was 5.805 million tons

Why are aluminum alloy products widely used

According to data from the International Aluminum Association, global primary aluminum production in May increased by 3.64% month-on-month to 5.805 million tons, and in April, primary aluminum production was 5.601 million tons; a year-on-year increase of 0.43%, and the output in the same period last year was 5.780 million tons. From January to May 2022, global primary aluminum production totaled 27.972 million tons, down 0.69% year-on-year, compared with 28.165 million … Read more