China’s aluminum alloy cables will exceed 300billion

In the next five years, China’s aluminum alloy cables will exceed 300 billion.

Aluminum alloy cables have been put into use since 1968. Under the combined action of the special aluminum alloy connectors for aluminum alloy cables, they have created a successful application history of safe and accident-free operation for nearly 50 years in North America and other countries.

The mature aluminum alloy cable technology and products in North America have entered the Chinese market after nearly eight years of resistance, questioning, understanding, and acceptance. Now a new cable industry has formed in China. The aluminum alloy cable market is developing rapidly. The market prospects are attractive. Some experts predict that in the next five years, my country’s aluminum alloy cable market will form a market size of more than 300 billion yuan. This is considered to be a “gold mine” that needs to be developed in China’s cable market.

But everyone’s attention and interest seem to only focus on the many advantages and values ​​of aluminum alloy cables, but they ignore one of the most important issues, which is the safety of cable connections. As we all know, the safety problem of cable operation usually lies in the connection of the cable.

China’s publicity about aluminum alloy cables basically focuses on the successful application history of aluminum alloy cables in North America and other countries for nearly 50 years of safe and accident-free operation, but never explains to customers when North America and other countries use aluminum alloy cables. , is an important fact that the special aluminum alloy connector for aluminum alloy cable is used at the same time. Why do aluminum alloy cable manufacturers or distributors deliberately avoid or deliberately conceal the problems of supporting connecting terminals and accessories? Let’s uncover the truth together.

To use aluminum alloy cables safely and without hidden dangers, we must face and seriously solve the problems of aluminum alloy cable connection technology and supporting connection products.
The correct connection scheme is:
First of all, the application of aluminum alloy cables should use aluminum alloy copper special connectors with the same chemical composition as the connected aluminum alloy cables and the same electrical, physical, mechanical, compressive creep and other properties. The performance of the connector is consistent to achieve a perfect connection and truly realize the advantages and value of using aluminum alloy cables.

Secondly, the special aluminum alloy copper connection terminal is used to connect the copper connection end of the terminal equipment. The connection size and electrical performance must be completely matched with the size and performance of the connecting terminal equipment. It is no longer necessary to transfer copper plates and other methods for multi-channel transfer. A secure connection to the terminal is guaranteed. This can completely eliminate and avoid potential safety hazards caused by brutal construction such as the terminal connection surface being worn out due to the inability of the terminal to match the terminal.

Furthermore, for special aluminum alloy copper connecting terminals and other accessories, the inner diameter of the aluminum alloy end connecting the aluminum alloy cable should be matched with the outer diameter of the cable conductor with zero tolerance to reduce the pressure requirement of the crimping tool. The outer diameter of the terminal matches the traditional tools for crimping copper cables. The special tools for crimping aluminum alloy cables are no longer used in engineering construction. Improve the quality of cable connection construction.