Hello, I am Ishikawa Baihui, I am an engineer in the aluminum alloy industry. I am a Japanese woman, working and living in China.

With my love for the aluminum alloy industry and my desire to improve my own quality, I invested great enthusiasm and energy. I came to China. The aluminum alloy industry is very developed here. I am very happy in my work and life here! Every day I keep working hard and studying, and devote myself to the industry I love.

I have a solid theoretical foundation in metal processing and manufacturing, a good foundation in humanities, arts and Social Sciences, and the ability to correctly use the Chinese language;

Systematically master the broad technical and theoretical basic knowledge in the field of aluminum alloy, and have strong theoretical analysis ability and experimental skills to solve engineering and technical problems related to mechanics. I also actively participate in various social activities and seize every opportunity to exercise myself.

Although I am a woman, I also have my own ideals and aspirations. Four years ago in Japan, my marriage experienced misfortune. My husband was an alcoholic and a pervert. When we were together, I experienced many bad things, so that I don’t want to recall those (The domain name of this website shows my mood).  So I applied to the court for divorce, and then I came to China alone. The people here are very nice and take good care of me, so I am very happy now. I also hope to meet my true love in China.

This is where I work now

Last year, I was invited to a university to teach students about aluminum alloy.
From the four aspects of “basic knowledge of aluminum alloy”, “strengthening mechanism of aluminum alloy”, “classification of aluminum alloy” and “development and application of aluminum alloy”, starting from the basic properties of aluminum, I comprehensively introduced the industrial history and excellent properties of aluminum, focused on the application of aluminum alloy in daily life and aerospace industry, and showed the students the future development prospects of aluminum alloy. I hope it can help Chinese students better understand the metallurgical industry.