What are the properties of pure 1100, 3003 alloy and 5052 alu?

Both 5052 aluminum sheet and 3003 aluminum sheet are the most well-known amalgam aluminum sheets available and are the two most delegate grades of the two series aluminum sheets. The two grades can be twisted. What is the distinction between the 5052 aluminum plate and the 3003 aluminum plate?

Substance creation. 3003 aluminum has a place with aluminum-manganese compound, the primary combination component is manganese. 5052 aluminum has a place with aluminum-magnesium compound, the primary combination component is magnesium. What’s more, the aluminum content of 3003 is somewhat higher than the 5052 aluminum plate.

Particulars. The 3003 aluminum in the market is a principally dainty sheet, and the utilization of thick plate is essentially less. While 5052 aluminum sheets not just utilized in a flimsy sheet, the utilization of a thick plate is likewise extremely huge.

Cost. Contingent upon the thickness and particulars, the cost of the 5052 aluminum sheet is around 300 USD higher than the 3003 aluminum sheet under similar conditions.

1100 versus 3003 Aluminum

Hardness contrast: 3003 aluminum plate has a place with compound aluminum plate, 1100 aluminum plate has a place with the unadulterated aluminum plate. So 3003 aluminum plate is higher than 1100 aluminum plate in hardness.

Aluminum content distinction: we realize that the more noteworthy the extent of aluminum content, the aluminum plate will be moderately delicate. The aluminum content of the 1100 aluminum plate is close to 100%, while the aluminum content of the 3003 aluminum plate is for the most part around 96%.

Execution distinction: 1100 aluminum sheet, high aluminum content, reasonable for stepping execution, expansion execution and projecting and rolling, and so on 3003 aluminum plate as a result of its superb imperviousness to rust, stable quality, so 3003 aluminum plate hardness is better, likewise appropriate for hardware shell items.

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