Wanda ALU. makes “wind power generation” go global

Relying on the Group’s strong aluminum alloy profile R&D, production and deep processing advantages, Wanda Aluminum has made full use of Germany’s PML company’s years of experience in aluminum alloy wind power generation R&D, design and installation, and has grown into a domestic manufacturer in this field in just one year. and design leaders.The 5182 aluminum plate produced by Wanda Aluminum is favored by German companies.

At this stage, Wanda ALU. has a good development momentum, not only won the order for the Doha wind power project in one fell swoop, and successfully opened the international market, but also has good prospects and opportunities in the domestic market. Wanda Aluminum attaches great importance to the development of the domestic market. While focusing on innovation and strict production, it is more actively trying to change the sales model, so as to seize the opportunity and take the lead in occupying the domestic market.

Strictly control the quality, seize the progress, and strive for large foreign orders
At this stage, Wanda is working at full capacity to organize the design, organization and production of aluminum alloy wind power generation for the Doha project. In the case of tight time and heavy tasks, the quality of the profile is still not relaxed, and the shape and position tolerances are strictly controlled in the process of design and profile production, so as to ensure the stable structure and reliable quality of the wind power generation system after assembly.
Change the model, innovate sales, and vigorously expand the domestic market
In China, Wanda Aluminum’s aluminum alloy wind power generation also has a broad market and prospects. At present, Wanda has been tracking the project in Zhejiang for a year and a half. Since the follow-up understanding, it is in a favorable position in the competition. While vigorously expanding the market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it has strengthened the cooperation with Beijing Municipal Design Institute in designing and compiling “Specifications for Aluminum Alloy Wind Power Generation”, which has achieved good market response.

At present, Wanda is also constantly trying to change and innovate its sales model, so as to take the lead in occupying the market and gain a firm foothold when the domestic aluminum alloy wind power generation market is not yet mature.
In the next step, Dalu will try to set up sales offices in various provinces, and identify a design institute for exchanges and cooperation in each province. With the cooperation of the design institute, it will jointly promote the wind power generation with Wanda characteristics that is difficult for other enterprises to imitate. change in sales model

In the initial stage, Wanda plans to conduct pilot projects in coastal cities, and try to build wind power generation in the form of BOT projects, giving full play to its role in publicity and promotion as a model project, in order to expand the market to the greatest extent and change the traditional highly rusted steel. Structural wind power generation to promote the concept of “green building” for the society.

Strictly control the quality and seize the progress, Wanda is actively expanding the international market and forging ahead; changing the model and innovating sales, Wanda is ready to take off in the domestic market, soaring into the sky. It is believed that under the unremitting efforts of Wanda people, and under the guidance of the concept of design innovation and installation quality first. Wanda Aluminum will surely make persistent efforts, create brilliant achievements, and continuously move towards a bridge and a strong enterprise.