How to make aluminum ingots into aluminum panels?

The production of aluminum panels generally refers to the process of smelting aluminum and aluminum alloys, ingots, and performing various heat treatments and cooling to form rectangular sheets or various profiles, and the finished aluminum panels can be made by anodizing. , spraying, powder spraying, surface baking paint and other processes make aluminum panels can be widely used in decoration materials and construction sites. So what is the production process of the aluminum panel? Next, we will introduce the production process of the aluminum panel in detail. If the premise allows, you can also try to do it.

Preparation for production:

1. Use good quality ingots, pay attention to the large size of the ingots and the fine dendrites inside.

2. The ingot of the hard aluminum alloy before production needs to be homogenized to relieve or reduce the uneven composition and structure, and at the same time relieve the forging stress. Note that the homogenization temperature of the aluminum alloy should be lower than the low melting point eutectic temperature of the alloy -0 ~15℃, the holding time is 12~24h.

3. If there are defects such as segregation, slag inclusion, scarring and cracks on the surface of the ingot, milling should be carried out. The amount of milling depends on the depth of the defect, generally 1 to 10.

Aluminum ingot


Production process:

1. Place the aluminum-clad plate on the upper and lower sides of the ingot, and form one body by hot rolling. Note that the aluminum-clad plate should have a suitable chemical composition and an appropriate thickness. For the plate with hard aluminum as the base, the copper and zinc content should be less than 0.05. % pure aluminum as clad aluminum plate.

2. Heating the ingot to facilitate hot rolling. Note that the heating temperature of the ingot is determined according to the alloy condition diagram and the plasticity diagram. The heating temperature should start the hot rolling at the highest allowable temperature as much as possible. It is carried out in a continuous heating furnace with air circulation.

3. The side of the ingot is covered with aluminum and rolled, so that the cracked edge of the aluminum alloy can be relieved during hot rolling. At the same time, in order to obtain flat and smooth rolling quality and reduce rolling force, sufficient lubrication must be carried out in hot rolling, and water-based emulsion is used for lubrication.

4. To control the roll gap shape of 546 during rolling, adopt hydraulic bending rolls, zone cooling of the roll body, and control of the original crown of the rolls (see roll shape control), etc., and adjust with the reduction rules and rolling speed.

5. Cold rolling is carried out in the single-stand rolling mill or the continuous rolling mill. The rolling speed is 5-20m/s, and the continuous rolling is 25-40m/s. At the same time, the computer is used to implement comprehensive automatic control.

6. According to the request, anneal or quench the aluminum alloy strips for 1 hour respectively, pay attention to carefully observe the deformation degree of the aluminum panel during this process.

7. Take repeated bending, stretching or thinning of the wrist to make the plate and belt have a plastic deformation of 1% to 2% to achieve the purpose of straightening, and then cut the size of the aluminum panel according to the design requirements to complete the final aluminum panel production .

aluminum sheet (1)

After reading the above introduction, you should understand that in fact, the production process of aluminum panels is a test of personal production level, and the producer needs to strictly control the deformation time of aluminum alloy smelting and the size of the temperature during annealing. What everyone should pay special attention to is that when the final aluminum panel is cut for the pattern, it is necessary to measure the size in advance, and cut off the head and tail ends that are out of tolerance and the unqualified surface according to the design requirements, otherwise it will be cut due to cutting. Improper and failed.For more information on aluminium, please visit


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