What are the series of aluminum plates?

Aluminum sheets can be roughly divided into 8 groups: 1××× series It is industrial pure aluminum, and it is a brand series with the highest aluminum content. The aluminum content is not less than 99.00%. It has good elongation, tensile strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance. The production process is relatively simple, the production technology is relatively mature, and the price has a huge advantage, but the strength is low and … Read more

Do you know how aluminum ingots are made?

Everyone has heard about aluminum ingots, but what is the specific content of aluminum ingots? What does it do? Today, I will take you to know more about aluminum ingots! Aluminum ingots refer to pure aluminum and recycled aluminum as raw materials.In accordance with international standards or special requirements, and other elements, such as silicon (Si), copper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), etc., are added to improve the casting process … Read more

Information about different aluminium alloys

In excess of 540 enrolled arrangements. I’m discussing the quantity of aluminum composites that are accessible today. Do you have any idea about how to pick the one for your it em? Aluminum can be alloyed with different metals and non-metals. This permits the aluminum to take on various properties. Iron (Fe) and silicon (Si) are normally tracked down in the aluminum, from the bauxite, and are in practically all … Read more