Why use aluminum fuel tank for truck?

In recent years, with the continuous progress of technology, many large trucks have begun to be equipped with aluminum alloy fuel tanks, which have almost become the standard configuration of major manufacturers. What are the benefits of aluminum alloy fuel tanks? Like to use it?

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Aluminum alloy fuel tanks have become popular, in order not to pollute the diesel oil, which can well prevent the dirt inside the fuel tank from damaging the fuel system.

Advantages of aluminum fuel tanks

● Good corrosion resistance, not easy to produce impurities

The first aluminum alloy fuel tank was produced in Europe in 1980. By 2004, the number of aluminum alloy fuel tanks produced in Europe reached 400,000 a year, and the current maximum capacity is 1,100 liters. The fuel tanks of cargo trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz and MAN have been 100% aluminum alloy fuel tank.

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In some areas, the oil quality is relatively poor, and the diesel oil may be mixed with water and other impurities. In the long-term use of the iron fuel tank, the water in the diesel oil will slowly corrode the fuel tank and produce a large amount of rust. These impurities will seriously affect the diesel fuel system.

With the development of automobiles, the high-pressure common rail system equipped on the car has high requirements for oil quality, and a large amount of impurities will accelerate the wear of the fuel injector. In severe cases, the fuel injector and the fuel pipe may be blocked directly, causing the vehicle to have unstable engine injection. , The oil return volume of the engine increases, the pressure of the common rail system decreases, and black smoke is emitted, which will lead to damage to the fuel system.

The aluminum alloy fuel tank itself has good corrosion resistance and can be used for many years without rusting. It is undoubtedly the first choice for large passenger cars and heavy trucks that consume a lot of fuel and have high requirements on fuel quality. Now aluminum alloy fuel tanks have occupied the heavy truck fuel tank market. more than 80% of the shares.

● Light weight Meets vehicle lightweight requirements

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At present, major car companies are gradually developing towards lightweight under the premise of ensuring the strength and safety of the body. Aluminum alloys are lighter in weight than iron materials. Aluminum alloy gas tanks, etc., aluminum alloy fuel tanks will be widely used on trucks.

● Beautiful appearance, better aluminum alloy material

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The appearance of the aluminum alloy fuel tank does not need to be painted, and the silver appearance is simple and beautiful, which not only simplifies the production process of the spraying process, but also makes the silver shiny appearance easier for users to accept. Compared with iron materials, aluminum alloy materials have better extensibility and are not easy to break when collided.

● Mature technology and good market prospect

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Now the aluminum process technology is more mature, the production process is environmentally friendly, and the service life is long. At the same time, the aluminum material can be recycled. After the aluminum alloy fuel tank is scrapped, the recycling rate is more than 85%. Now major manufacturers are actively promoting, the aluminum alloy fuel tank industry is booming, constantly occupying the fuel tank market, and gradually becoming the leading direction of the development of fuel tank accessories.

Commonly used aluminum plate alloys are 5083H111 aluminum plate, 5083-O aluminum plate, 5454H111 aluminum plate, etc.

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