What are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials for all-aluminum furniture?

At present, all-aluminum home furnishing materials mainly include four categories: jigsaw panels, whole panels, honeycomb panels, and solid core panels. Today, let’s briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of all-aluminum panels, whole panels, honeycomb panels, and solid core panels

Advantages and disadvantages of all-aluminum panels:

All-aluminum panel is the first profile developed for all-aluminum home furnishing, and it is also the most mature, widely used and most accepted all-aluminum home furnishing material so far. Jigsaw, as the name suggests, is to splicing pieces of boards together to form a complete set of household products. The advantages of jigsaw puzzles are obvious. Because of their early development, wide application, and large-scale development, jigsaw puzzles are cheap, with good layering, high hardness and long service life. However, the disadvantages of jigsaw panels are also obvious, that is, jigsaw panels require multiple components to be assembled, which is easy to form gaps, easy to accumulate dust, loose, long splicing construction period, and large labor demand. Of course, as the most widely used material in the current all-aluminum home furnishing industry, the jigsaw technology is also constantly improving. However, jigsaw panels also face brutal competition from other all-aluminum home furnishing materials.

All-aluminum panel

Advantages and disadvantages of all-aluminum panel:

The all-aluminum whole panel is an all-aluminum profile developed for the all-aluminum panel, which removes the “splicing” form and adopts the “whole” form. There are two types of all-aluminum panels: welded panels and extruded panels. The main difference is the process. The whole board is made by splicing aluminum profile rough boards, and then using laser welding or machine extrusion to fasten these rough boards together, and then smooth the surface after grinding, using vacuum wood grain heat transfer technology to give the whole board. The aluminum plate is rich in color and texture.

The advantages of the whole board are mainly based on the shortcomings of the jigsaw. There are many colors and beautiful appearance. The whole board is integrally formed. There is no complicated assembly method as a jigsaw. It is dust-free and easy to clean. Because it is integrally formed, it is easy to disassemble and assemble. However, due to the technical requirements, the cost of the whole board is more expensive than that of the jigsaw. Because the interior of the board is hollow, it is very loud to knock, the sound insulation performance is relatively poor, and the nail grip is relatively weak.

All aluminum plate

Advantages and disadvantages of all aluminum honeycomb panels:

The all-aluminum honeycomb panel is filled with a large amount of aluminum honeycomb or aluminum foam material between two aluminum panels, glued and fixed with AB glue, and then treated with fluorocarbon resin on the surface of the aluminum panel. Honeycomb panel has its own unique advantages. The most obvious advantage is that it can be produced in a large area. A honeycomb panel can achieve an area of 2.4×1.2 meters, which can not only meet the production needs of all-aluminum furniture, but also meet the needs of wall panels, ceilings, etc. The needs of different households. At the same time, honeycomb panels have more advantages in corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and nail holding, and have a wider range of applications. However, honeycomb panels also have their own shortcomings. On the one hand, a large amount of AB glue is used. If the glue used is not environmentally friendly, the product will have a lot of glue smell, which is contrary to the “environmental protection and health” that all-aluminum furniture has always promoted; On the one hand, the plasticity of honeycomb panels is not good, and many panel types cannot be processed.

All aluminum honeycomb panel

Advantages and disadvantages of all-aluminum solid core board:

All-aluminum solid core board, the basic principle is the same as the honeycomb board, but the aluminum honeycomb or aluminum foam material is replaced with a polyurethane material (PVC material). The all-aluminum solid core board is basically in line with the wooden board, which can be produced in a large area. However, the all-aluminum solid-core board is not really “all-aluminum”, and the quality of the inner filler polyurethane directly determines the quality of the solid-core board. In this case, “environmental protection and health” also depends on whether the polyurethane material is environmentally friendly or not.

All-aluminum solid core board

Of course, the all-aluminum home furnishing industry is still in a channel of rapid development and growth, and all-aluminum materials are also undergoing continuous technological innovation. The new material of all-aluminum profiles has achieved a new industry of all-aluminum home furnishing, and has also continuously improved the technical level of the all-aluminum home furnishing industry.

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