Aluminum plate helps green construction site

Concrete buildings still occupy the leading position in the construction industry. The proportion of formwork works in the cost of the whole concrete structure project is more than 30%. Accounting for 35% of the total cost of the structure project and 55% of the whole construction period. The quality of formwork works directly determines the quality of concrete buildings. Recently, at the “high level Forum on expanding the application of aluminum in the construction industry”.

General manager of climb aluminum plate Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that since the concept of “green construction” was put forward. aluminum plate has become a template with great development prospects in the construction field. Aluminum plate has excellent mechanical properties, simple construction and installation, no construction waste, high recyclable value, and meets the requirements of relevant standards such as green building evaluation standards and green construction guidelines.

Aluminum plate helps green construction site

Advantages of aluminum plate in the construction field

For the green construction advantages of aluminum plate in the construction field, Lin Wen analyzed from many aspects. Compared with the steel formwork, because the large steel formwork is heavy. Its installation is completely dependent on the tower crane machinery. The construction cost is relatively high. Moreover, the construction method of two formwork erection – pouring – formwork removal is only used, which is the same as that of the wall column and then the beam plate.

During integral pouring, it can only be used for external wall formwork. The construction aluminum formwork is light in weight, only 25kg per square meter. It can be manually handled, assembled and disassembled without the assistance of large-scale heavy machinery and equipment. It can be used for overall pouring and secondary pouring, with a wide range of applications.

In addition, the aluminum alloy checker plate is acid resistant and corrosion resistant, which is suitable for more complex construction environment. At the same time, due to the close thermal expansion coefficient between steel and concrete,. The steel formwork and the newly poured concrete are easy to be firmly bonded . Not easy to peel off the film. Aluminum alloy plate is not easy to bond with concrete due to its oxide film on the surface, and it is easy to peel off the film. Moreover, the wall is smooth and smooth, and no additional plastering treatment is required.


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