How are the aluminum gussets fastened?

Aluminum gusset is a commonly used ceiling material. Its disassembly and installation are relatively simple, but it needs to master certain techniques, otherwise it will easily lead to damage to the aluminum gusset, so how is the aluminum gusset fastened? Let’s learn about it with me.

How are the aluminum gussets fastened?

1. If you want to fasten the aluminum gusset plate, you should first observe the structure of the aluminum gusset plate in detail. Generally, there will be a groove in the middle of the four sides of the aluminum gusset plate. Then you should check the light steel keel used in the aluminum gusset ceiling. The bottom of the square frame composed of light steel keel generally has a circle of small cornices. The grooves on the aluminum gusset and the small cornices on the light steel keel are generally opposite.

2. Next, you should check whether there is a pattern on the surface of the aluminum gusset. If there is, it should match the pattern on the top surface. Then hold the edge of the aluminum gusset by hand, and at the same time push the aluminum gusset into the frame formed by the light steel keel, so that the small cornices on the light steel keel are stuck into the grooves on the aluminum gusset, so that the The four sides of the aluminum gusset can be kept in the same horizontal position as other plates.

3. After the aluminum gusset plate is buckled, make sure that the plane of the entire aluminum gusset plate is kept flat, and the gap between the aluminum gusset plates should also be kept vertical. In order to avoid hurting your fingers, it is recommended that you wear gloves when you buckle the aluminum gusset. If you accidentally leave stains on the surface of the aluminum gusset, you should clean it with water in time. When buckling the aluminum gusset, it is best not to tear off the protective film, so as to prevent the surface of the aluminum gusset from being accidentally scratched.

4. If you want to disassemble the aluminum gusset, you can first buy a suction cup, then suck the suction cup on one of the corners of the aluminum gusset, and then pull it down hard, then the corner of the aluminum gusset will appear warped phenomenon, and then use the same method to remove the other three corners of the aluminum gusset from the light steel keel, and then the entire aluminum gusset can be removed.

The above is a detailed introduction on how to buckle the aluminum gusset plate. I hope it can help friends in need. Aluminum gusset is a kind of ceiling material with good moisture-proof, oil-proof, flame-retardant and other characteristics. It is beautiful and easy to install. It is a good choice for kitchen ceilings.

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