Foshan built the first aluminum plate electric house

“Applying aluminum sheets to the construction of standardized power rooms. Incorporating the concepts of ‘customized management’ and ‘prefabricated assembly’, the factory distributes materials, and realizes assembly line operations, thereby creating high-standard power rooms.” The reporter learned that the standardization of power distribution rooms in China Southern Power Grid In the construction pilot work, the J05 and J08 modular aluminum plate standardized power houses built by the Foshan Bureau were the first to be completed. On the basis of ensuring the progress and quality, they were put into production on August 29 and September 10 respectively.
The J05 module power house is the first standardized power house with aluminum panels put into production and power transmission in the whole network. The successful completion of the two projects fully demonstrated the remarkable effect of aluminum panels in the construction of distribution network projects, and also marked that the bureau has entered the stage of comprehensive promotion of standardized power rooms.

Foshan built the first aluminum plate electric house

During the construction of the J08 project, the bureau has repeatedly analyzed and explored the details of the wall construction. After repeated design exploration and trial installation, the Longxin aluminum plate on the site was formed and formed, and it was invincible. “Creating a set of aluminum formwork that the bureau can ‘just use’ is the primary condition for standardization construction,” said the relevant person in charge of the bureau. Similarly, in the construction of J05 project, 13 standard points such as equipment configuration, grounding device, indoor cable trench, and cable fire blocking have been refined and improved. On the basis of the standard design of the company and the typical cost V1.0, the bureau’s exploration experience has formed a “Foshan sample” for the construction of 5083 aluminum plate power houses.

In the work instruction book displayed by the project leader, the reporter noticed an interesting item in the “video node work instruction book”, “The video with narration introduces the construction process of the standardized electrical room, which can be used as a first-hand learning and training in the future. Teaching materials.” The project leader explained. While formulating a series of standardization requirements, Foshan Nanhai Bureau also specially formulated a special training plan to clarify the access requirements for standardized construction personnel, and to carry out training for the project department, construction and supervision personnel of the distribution network owner, so that the standardization requirements are rooted in everyone. heart.

Foshan built the first aluminium plate electric house

Due to a unified set of construction standards and operating procedures, standardized construction reduces the skill requirements for construction workers. Construction workers can be competent for related work within 3 days of training. It is can achieve a neat and uniform construction effect. In addition, the assembly of aluminum alloy building formwork system Simple, convenient, completely assembled by hand. This not only shortens the construction period, but also reduces labor costs and maximizes engineering benefits.